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Interest rates:

US Treasury:

  • Monthly Statements of the Public Debt: MSPD
  • Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee Discussion Charts: TBAC
  • Treasury International Capital System data: TIC

Twitter must-follow:

  • @Macrotourist (that’s me)
  • @TenYearNote “All things viewed through a macro lens”
  • @BurningFiat “Home of the GLD puker app”
  • @VictorTheCleaner “Gold. Too precious to be used as a currency”
  • @Mortymer001 “An independent monetary researcher, one-man watchdog”
  • @FOFOA999 “Friend of Friend of Another”
  • @Barnejek “Emerging Markets”
  • @RonanManly “Blog at Bullionstar”
  • @JamesGRickards “Author of ‘Currency Wars’, ‘Death of Money'”
  • @MattLevine “I look things up”


Precious Metals:

Stock Market:

  • Visualizing US market: FinViz
  • Shiller P/E ratio (aka CAPE = cyclically-adjusted P/E): CAPE
  • Download historic S&P 500 Index prices from 1950: Yahoo


Make your own (stock-market listed) fund: WikiFolio


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